Graduation Requirements

Any student taking classes for credit must submit a weekly personal worker’s report into the class instructor indicating the number of tracts distributed, people witnessed to, and Christian service such as teaching, Sunday School, ministering at a nursing home, etc.

No person will be able to graduate who has not demonstrated faithfulness in practical Christian work assignments as outlined above.

No person taking classes for credit or audit will be allowed to take the third year of study (or pursue training beyond the 60 credit point) unless he or she is in agreement with the doctrinal beliefs, tenets, philosophy and position on both personal and ecclesiastical separation as taught in the Institute and as supported by the Constitution of Grace Church of Mentor.

Whether taking classes for credit or audit, all third year candidates (or students who have reached the 60 credit point) must confirm in counsel with the Administrator of the Institute and the Senior Pastor of Grace Church of Mentor that they are in agreement with the above stated position before they are allowed to proceed.

All students, credit or audit, must take Issues in Fundamentalism before proceeding beyond the 60 credit mark in their studies. Students may take this course by video tape.

A minimum of 90 credits is needed to be eligible for a certificate.

Course requirements for GCM Elders and Deacons: As set forth by the pastors of Grace Church of Mentor, the Elders and Deacons will be required to take the following classes as part of ongoing training: Elders and Deacons: all Bible Doctrines classes, Bible Overview, New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, History of Fundamentalism, Issues in Fundamentalism, and Hermeneutics; in addition, the Elders will need these courses ??? Romans, Pastoral Epistles, and Pulpit Speech I and II. All Elders and Deacons need only take one course per Academic year to complete these requirements.