Fall 2022 Micro-Course

“Strange New World”: The Road to Redefining Identity

Pastor Mike Hixson


Thursday, November 17, 6:00-9:00 PM


FREE for all who register
Cost for Students Taking for Credit: Donation Requested*

Course Overview

One hundred years ago, if a person were to say they were a woman trapped inside a man’s body, most would believe this to be a condition where the mind should be treated. Today, it is common to see that same statement as an issue of the body, where medical treatment provides the opportunity to align a person’s body with their “true” inner self. How did such a change of thinking take place? In this class we will survey Strange New World, one of the most important books written on identity and personhood in the last several decades. We will discuss the history and development of ideas that brought us to where our culture is today. We will also discuss what the church’s response should be in the face of these ideas and how the Bible provides something far better in this “strange new world.”

Books for Class

Trueman, Carl, Strange New World. Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 2022. Buy on Amazon

*While we are not formally charging students, we want to honor those who would want to give towards the instruction they are receiving, especially given the additional assessment and feedback to those taking the class for credit.