Special COVID-19 Course

Knowing the Times: The Book of Daniel



This class will introduce students to the structure, themes, and theology of Daniel. The focus of the class will be on the theology of Daniel as revealed by its literary structure and thematic development and will follow a chapter by chapter expositional summary of each chapter with an eye toward both practical theology as well as NT interpretation and eschatological systems. Students should be able to articulate Daniel’s contribution to a Premillennial, Pretribulational perspective on eschatology. Students will be expected to become familiar with the text by reading through Daniel 3 times before the classes begin, and then will need to take good notes (fill in the blank) on the lectures so that they can assimilate and demonstrate adequate comprehension by producing short essays from the lectures for the final exam. Students will reinforce their knowledge of Daniel by writing a book report on one of two books.


God’s Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel by Michael Barrett
ISBN 1932307044

Due to COVID-19, GLBI won’t be purchasing textbooks and issuing those to students.

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