Winter 2019-20 Registration

Micro-Course Monday – “Reaching Our Religious Friends: Understanding our Catholic Friends: Part 2” (Multiple Instructors)

Schedule: Monday, February 3, 6:00-9:00p. One evening session only.

Course Description: This is a further step into understanding the theology and history of the Catholic church so that we can better understand and minister to our Catholic friends.

BI 404 – Systematic Theology IV: Church, End Times & Eras in God’s Administration (Pastor Kent Hobi)

Schedule: Starting January 16, Thursdays. 6:30p-8:00p. 1 Credit. 10 sessions.

Course Description: Bible Doctrines IV completes the survey of Bible doctrine. Its focus is upon Ecclesiology, Eschatology and issues in Dispensational Theology.

The whole NT orientation is a future orientation. Yes the Cross is critical, but remember the cross is unoccupied and the tomb is empty! Our King is alive and we await His coming. The prophetic calendar is full of events that will inspire hope and purity in the lives of those who have a firm grasp upon them. THERE IS NO PREREQUSITE to this class nor is the order of our Bible Doctrines Classes inspired. Feel free to jump right in. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you in class.


  • A Systematic Theology: Volume 3 (McCune, 2005) ISBN 0982252722.
  • The End Times (Hoyt, 2000) ISBN 0884690776.
  • Things to Come (optional) (Pentecost, 1965) ISBN 0310308909.

Systematic Theology IV

Micro-Course Monday