Great Lakes Bible Institute

Summer 2024 Course Schedule

Old Testament Prophetic Books

Pastor Mike Hixson
June 10-14 (Monday – Friday)
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
FREE* for all who register;
Students taking for credit: $25

While OT Prophecy is the largest genre of Old Testament writing, it can also be the most confusing. Why would God give the Church so much information that can often be so hard to understand and so badly misunderstood? If this large section of the Bible has perplexed you in the past, you are not alone. Join us as we investigate the Prophetic Books and understand their relevance to the Church today. Each day of this week-long block class will have a different emphasis:

Day 1
Jehovah, Judgment, and Jesus: The Rewarding Path of Studying OT Prophecy
Day 2
Kingdoms and Conquerors: Israel’s Path from Blessing to Captivity to Restoration
Day 3
The Assyrian Age: An Overview of the Books Addressing the Assyrian Captivity
Day 4
The Babylonian Age: An Overview of the Books Addressing the Babylonian Captivity
Day 5
The Medo-Persian Age: An Overview of the Books Addressing the Persian Captivity and the Return to Jerusalem

Join us as we study Israel’s complex relationship with God and the ways that His chosen nation can teach us about our Heavenly Father and our understanding of Him.


Hays, J. Daniel, The Message of the Prophets. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010. Buy on Amazon


Taking Class For Credit

To those who would like to take this class for credit, a paper (minimum 5 pages) will be assigned with the topic relating to the class and approved by the instructors.

*While we are charging for students to take this class for credit, we also want to honor those who would want to give towards the instruction they are receiving, especially given the additional assessment and feedback to those taking the class for credit.